About Us

About Us

Our mission is to serve people who crave unique flavors, experiences, and ideas while creating opportunities for chefs to showcase their creativity. We hope to foster a spirit of exploration by connecting people through food.

Our Story

We offer the authentic turkish food experience that encourages the exploration of shareable dishes in beautiful & inviting spaces.

Creative & Exciting Cuisine

We know from experience that catering for  a wide range of customers ranging from professional athletes and worldwide celebrities requires the highest level of focus and execution; This is precisely the level of service we bring to all of our events. 

The Team

Mr Cemalettin Tonga also popularly known as “Chef Jamaal” is one of the most famous Turkish chefs in Singapore having spent 14 years in Singapore as head chef at some of the famous restaurants. He is a master of his art and known for being a standout Chef in taste and innovation besides being a traditional Turkish cuisine master. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more exclusive behind-the-scenes from Chef Jamaal & Singapore’s Famous Halal Authentic Turkish Restaurant.  

Opening Hours

We are opened daily from 1030am – 1030pm

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Our Address

30 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199448




30 Bussorah Street, 199448
Exquisite Turkish food, unforgettable atmosphere...
30 Bussorah Street 199448
Excuisite food, unforgettable atmosphere...
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